Hanna: A C-based HERMES Analysis Tool

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Hanna is a C-based frame that can help you to analyze HERMES data.
It is capable to synchronize the Slowcontrol Data while reading the reconstructed events from HRC, Monte Carlo or microDST files.

Hanna comes in two flavours:

  1. You can use it as a frame that manages all the data input and just calls user functions whenever there is something to analyze.
  2. You can do the event data handling on your own and use some of the functions bundled in HannaLib for special purposes like synchronizing the slowcontrol data.
Hanna is not as voluminous as HEP, e.g. it does not contain any HBOOK functionality by default. However this is no disadvantage since you can write very small and resource saving analysis programs by using Hanna as it is as well as more complex applications by linking your code with HBOOK and other CERN libraries.

Where to get Hanna?

Hanna is not supported any more officially as her creator Marc-André Funk left the Collaboration in 1998.

However, various people have implemented extensions and a series of bug fixes they discovered when using Hanna during their analysis work. Hanna is certainly a well tested package and you may benefit from the experience gained over the years, so feel free to start working with it.

On the Hermes cluster Hanna is installed on the /hermes/pro and /hermes/new releases.

To install Hanna on your own machine, simply get the file hermes:/hermes/new/hanna/hanna*.tar.gz (where * denotes the version number) via ftp, and unpack it. T hen type configure;make and see what happens... It might be necessary that you define some environment variables as the configuration script tells you. Good Luck ;-)

If you want to get in a more intimate contact with Hanna you can find the sources in the official hermes:/hermes/new/hanna directory, or you can consult the archive of old versions.

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The following links are pointing directly to some (well?) documented source code examples. Therefore I won't write any additional comments on that.

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Marc-André Funk (maf@hermes.desy.de), Marc Beckmann (beckmann@hermes.desy.de), Naomi C.R. Makins (makins@uiuc.edu)
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